“I’ve always been fascinated by the process of building things.
The whole process is like watching a slow motion movie.
So I sped it up a bit.”

Long Term Time lapse

Six months to multiple years, capture your project from beginning to end. Customized version. Single or multiple cameras. Social media stories pulled from footage.

Monthly Time lapse

Building something unique in a month or two? We’ll get a camera on it. From a two week build to three months, we’ll set it all up and deliver a completed time lapse.

Daily Time lapse

A day’s worth of structural steel, a 48 truck foundation pour? We have cameras that can run all day shooting at multiple intervals that will showcase a days work in under thirty seconds. Tell us where and when and we’ll be there.   


Licensed and insured drone services. Before and after photos, construction progress. 

Site Inspections / Weekly Progress Updates

Weekly or monthly construction update photos and/or video. Integration with Plan Grid software.

Social Media / Editorial

We can create social media content from new or past media. Audio library and Voice over available.