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Hanging with the crew

Now that I’ve somehow made it through the first project, I got the unit right back out there on a new Student Housing project at Menlo College in Atherton, CA. After I get the camera up, I start collecting “Field-lapses” these are short time-lapses of a particular part of construction. These guys are the cement crew and they’re very excited to see the 45 second video of their 6 hours of labor pouring the flooring.

Featured Video

What you’re seeing here is five hours of work for a crew of twenty guys. They’re pouring the floor surface with concrete from 27 trucks in the summer heat. Two hundred-fifty-six yards of concrete! Each truck emptied in roughly eight minutes. Theres no margin for error.

This one’s up and running… stay tuned

How to build a love story!

Betty & Don

Betty & Don!

I got a phone call from a past client asking if I would be willing to do a video for her wedding. She was marrying her high school sweetheart 60 years on.

I was reluctant as I’ve pretty much put wedding videos in my rear view mirror. I still make Life Story and Memorial Videos but haven’t done a wedding montage in a couple of years.

She was one of my first clients, I did a Life story for her mother back in 2004 and I couldn’t say no. She had a very interesting story to tell but had no video or film, just photos. 

No one wants to watch 15 minutes of photos to music on a screen. I wanted to build a real story, something that would hold the rooms attention from beginning to end.


I had a puzzle made from some of their photos and filmed them putting it together. I recorded them telling their life stories. I shot drone footage moving through their neighborhood. I wanted the drone footage to represent time.



And it worked! The whole reception was glued to the little screen for the whole time and I got so many compliments.

Here is the whole story if you would like to see it.


Let me know if I can help you tell your story!

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I’ve talked about getting an updated reel up for some time. Now seems like as good a time as any to let people know what kind of video production that I offer. If you click on “other video services” on my website, it will take you to a video sample. If you’d like to see a family memorial video sample, please email me for a private link.


San Jose 2030 – at the half way mark

I’ve been working on this project since 2010 and I’ve kinda kept it low key as development in San Jose usually moves at a snails pace. Well something has changed and even the pandemic hasn’t shut down the development pipeline. So I put together a little teaser about the project and if your a developer who would like to showcase your project, I could always use the help! 



San Jose 2020 – City View Plaza

Here is the first of my vlogs San Jose 2030 project – City View Plaza Removal.

What I usually do is I get on my bike and look for things to video. I’m heading down to my favorite routes in downtown San Jose. I’m checking out a project that’s about to start. Riding past the Adobe 4th tower to the City View Plaza which has been approved to be removed by a developer. It was one of the first urban renewable projects in San Jose built on the super block.